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  • Veröffentlicht am: Mi, 24 Aug 2016
  • von: Erica de Abreu ...

Review Audio recording workshop with Tine Nowak
Saturday, August 6th, Institut für Neue Medien and Hafenpark
Never have I ever.. Wait, this looks like a post about mainstream United States culture, but it is somehow, you’ll see. Actually it is more about an audio recording workshop in which I participated a couple of weeks ago, on the 6th of August, coached by Tine Nowak as a part of the Historisches Museum Frankfurt’s Sommertour 2016. As I was saying… I had never imagined how interesting audio recording, podcasting and so on, could be to me as a means to express myself reporting an event, doing some field recording of an interesting setting, interviewing someone about a specific topic of even capturing important traces of oral history. The first part of the workshop, held at Institut für Neue Medien, was about an introduction on the smartphone apps we could use and on the type of audio recordings possible among other subjects. Later on the afternoon, together we all went to find interesting topics to record and then I could not escape from my own memories.
As a girl who grew up in Brazil through the nineties, US sports, films, TV series, games etc. were the mainly international cultural influences I got in contact with during my childhood and teenage days. Therefore, to encounter a street basketball tournament in the middle of Hafen Park on a Saturday afternoon was something really stimulating while trying to find a good topic to record some initial audio contributions. Nineties like hip hop music playing, basketball players having fun, other people skating and biking on the skate park.. I was only short of nuns singing pop songs on a choir to have my day complete. I would really love to have recorded them with my recently discovered mobile applications Audioboom or AuphonicEdit that were presented in the morning by Tine Nowak. But instead, I recorded a basketball player from the United States, who contributed with an awesome audio description of the event that you can listen below.
By the end of the workshop I still felt like I needed to practice more with the app and for that I’m happy that another workshop is scheduled to the 10th of September. But finally, I can say that I already ate the city, sketched the city, and now audio recorded the city, and I feel like I’m in a good path to integrate more and more of the German and Frankfurt culture to my list of influences and references, although some of them still are influenced from old memories of the past. I’ve been “voguing” around, getting to know myself and the city, and if I had to drink if ever had I ever done so much cool stuff in Frankfurt, I would. I wonder what the next experience will be.