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  • Veröffentlicht am: Mo, 25 Jul 2016
  • von: Erica de Abreu ...

Review: Globuli performance with Kai Söltner
Sunday, July 17th, Historisches museum Frankfurt
Eating the city, processing it and feeling whatever this experience could bring may sound a strange way to relate to museums. But that’s what happened in one of the actions of the Sommertour 2016 program, at the Historical Museum of Frankfurt. Before this Globuli performance with Kai Söltner that I participated a few Sundays ago, I did not know this form of homeopathic little globules made out of sugar and wetted with healing substances. But to get to know this and other diverse and interesting Sommertour activites has really helped me to integrate and feel the city!
It was quite a different experience. After taking some Globuli made out of samples from a Brazilian food shop near Konstablerwache and being wrapped in aluminum foil by the artist, I talked to myself about home, about these next few months I’ll spend in Frankfurt and about my own being. I asked myself some questions, firstly in my mother language Portuguese. Questions such as how I could grow as a person and make the best out of this time living in Germany.
The warmth and energy inside this metal cocoon helped me to reflect upon those interrogations and before I could even notice I was thinking the answers in English, the language I’ve been using to communicate until I can scratch the surface of German speaking. The next minutes I decided then to try and speak a few sentences in German, to make visible and picture myself on my way to accomplish this, which is one of my next biggest challenges.
Personally, what struck me was the fact that this kind of subjective self-learning experience can be really stimulating. You don’t have to believe in the healing power of Globuli to enjoy the feeling of talking to yourself and both symbolic and physically absorbing the places that mean something to you. An open mind to whatever your body has to say to you can also be a soothing practice.
After emotionally connecting to myself and allowing maybe some bad energy to burst out when I left the shell I felt that this new, subjective, emotional, artistic and multilingual experience had made me in a way feel good about myself at that moment. I believe each and every one had a different experience, either if they took Globuli extracted from an old place for burning forbidden books, or from a banana leaf from the park. This Sommertour is to explore the city differently and enjoy ourselves!